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By Gloria S. Redlich | Feb 11, 2014

The Block Island Times was out and about to learn what was on the mind of islanders this week — what they felt was an important issue or something they would like to see changed or something simply on their wish list. Those we spoke to last week were on the ferry going off island. We found that they were thinking about what kind of recreation they’d like to see here during the winter, among other things:

Here are their responses:

For Gerry Pierce, it was simple: “I’d like to see something change about the high cost of electricity.” And strongly believing that the town needed more autonomy over the ferry docks and surrounding area, he added, “I’m concerned that we have no control over the harbor.”

Abra Savoy said, “I agree with what’s being talked about lately [referring to reports in The Block Island Times], that there should be more activities available on island, like crafts — something like a weekly basis. And we should have other things [offered] perhaps some sessions in cooking, even on weekends when everyone’s taking their kids off because there’s really nothing to do on island.”

“A pool would be it!” said Missy Sanchez O’Reilly. She noted, “A gym would be really nice. With a pool for everyone of all ages, people could swim, dive, scuba, do water therapy and water aerobics. The kids could have swim teams.”

Gretta Heinz reminisced that three years ago she took her children for swimming lessons at the Neptune House pool. If she could have her druthers, she said, “It would be nice to have use of a wellness center that included a pool and workout facility.”

Along the same lines, Shannon Cotter Marsella simplified her wish list: “I really want Eli (her three-year old son) to learn to swim and I don’t want to go off island each Saturday to do it.”

Gerry Pierce (Photo by: Gloria S. Redlich)
Abra Savoy (Photo by: Gloria S. Redlich)
Missy Sanchez O'Reilly (Photo by: Gloria S. Redlich)
Gretta Heinz (Photo by: Gloria S. Redlich)
Shannon Cotter Marsella (Photo by: Gloria S. Redlich)
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