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Word on the street: Promises and hopes for the new near

By Gloria S. Redlich | Jan 03, 2012

When the Block Island Times sent out a scout on a recent cold afternoon during the first week of 2012 to see what people were talking about, two questions were on her mind: what resolutions were people making and what were their hopes for the year to come? The following were among the responses received:

For Joya Verde, this is not the time of year for her to make resolutions; she prefers to do so at the spring equinox. Her hopes for the coming year encompass global concerns: “I hope all our problems are resolved peacefully, and hopefully for the whole world because we’re all connected. We have to cooperate with each other even if we might not like the cut of the other’s jib.”

Though Chris Warfel is not making resolutions at this time either, he says, “I actually hope to play soccer here in the intramural league this summer!”

Though taken a bit by surprise as they exit the Block Island Grocery, Jane Lachat and Jake Buffenmyer think the questions over carefully before she is willing to share a resolution that has clearly been on her mind. She is promising herself “to save more money this year and become more financially responsible.”

Everett Littlefield puts his resolution succinctly: It is “not to gain and to try to lose some weight.” And his hopes? “My hope is for enough people with the right ideas to get elected to office this year — preferably someone who’s never been elected before — to straighten out the mess this country’s in.”

For Connie Finn, it’s simply a matter of basics: “My hopes are that my husband and our friends and family all have a healthy and happy New Year!”

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