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Windsurfing at Dusk

By Daniel West | Mar 28, 2011

8/6/10 — Living in the northeast it is always a rare event to watch the sun set over the ocean. Growing up I saw my share of sunsets over mountains, fields and city skylines but when the sun sinks into water it has a quality that other sunsets lack.

Stop in any art or photography gallery on the island and you’ll see representations of the amazing sunsets that Block Island sees almost every evening over Block Island Sound. I’ve watched the sun go down at many spots around the island and everyone has their own favorite.

Some people like to sit on one of the quiet west side beaches, others enjoy watching from the lawn of one of the many restaurants that feature sunset dining, some enjoy them from their boats and still others from the privacy of their homes.

This week the wind has been up and the last three days I’ve been able to rush from work at the end of the day, making it to Andy’s Way while the sun is still high in its arc. It takes me about 20 minutes to rig a sail and get in the water, ready to windsurf for the remaining daylight hours.

With the strong winds and fair weather the pond was crowded with windsurfers and kiteboarders, or at least crowded for Block Island (I could still count the number of windsurfers on one hand). We crisscrossed from Andy’s Way to the clam-flats, constantly fighting to get upwind.

After an hour or so of sailing I manage to work my way south of the Block Island Club, which is the longest stretch to sail in the recreation area. Making lap-after-lap across the pond, the sun sinks low and when the huge red circle dives behind the dunes I know its time to head in.

It may not be as peaceful as a quiet deck, but for me the way to watch a Block Island sunset is doing 20 across the pond.

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