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Who Are These Kids?!  (1965) - Answered!

By B.I. Historical Society | Dec 10, 2014
Photo by: David G. Hawkins Waiting to sail away on the Sprigg Carroll

By Martha Ball

This is one of a number of images from the winter of 1964-5 recently made available to the Historical Society by David Hawkins.   This photo and others may be viewed in our galley at:

finally, thanks to Bernice Rose Dangelas for a big assist, they are identified!


Donald Hutchinson

Marshall Rose

Cliff Rose

Eddie Conley

Brandon Stevens

John Hill

Ed Brooks


Charles (aka Corky) Beck in peaked hood, Brad Whitman in red hat, teacher Bill Reed in the black MadMen hat.




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Posted by: William P Herlihy | Aug 18, 2014 07:02

Mad man hat , love it, my father always wore that style hat he called it a fedora. I have seen a lot of young people getting off the ferry wearing similar hats must be coming back in style

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