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What is a mom?

In honor of Mother’s Day, the island kindergarten class ponders the question
May 12, 2013

Haley Conant: She’s nice to everyone she knows. She says, “I love you” and that makes me feel loved. She works very, very hard at the Rescue Squad because she wants to help people. She also works hard at the boat because she always has to hurry. My mom and I like to sit on the couch and watch “Good Luck, Charlie.” She takes great care of me. I think she loves me and I love her.


Gwenneth Coviello: My mom likes cooking. She cooks really good food and really good stuff at the diner. She owns the diner and the diner is at airport. She makes great chicken fingers and pancakes. She looks like she has brownish-blackish hair. I think she has brown eyes and a black shirt for cooking. I think she is “middleish” for her age. I think she’s pretty. She likes to watch us ride our bikes and scooters. She wants me to be safe because that’s what mothers do. She is a wonderful mother. She thinks I’m a wonderful child.


Daniel Gann: What I like about my mother is that she is nice, sweet, beautiful, and kind. She is wonderful to me and she’s the best mother I ever had. Actually, she’s the only mother I’ve had. We like to bake together. She feeds me hot dogs, and cheeseburgers to make me healthy, strong, and big. She has brown hair, brown eyes and she has a ton of shirts, but not very many shoes. I think she thinks of me with kindness. I tell her I love her every day. I think I’ll tell her more.


Thorin Shade: Mothers work. They take care of their children. They make good food. Mothers help their children when they are sick, when they are hurt, and when they are sad.


Dakota Littlefield: I like to plant flowers with her. I like to go off-island with her. She feeds me and makes sure I’m healthy and safe. She helps me ride my bike. She helps me get dressed. She helps me with my reading. She helps me when I’m sick. She helps me when I’m sad. She has black hair that is short. She likes to get dressed up and she has nice clothes.

Emily Helterline: She makes really good tiny chocolate chip muffins. She makes them really chocolaty. She is a super extra great, great cook. Her meatloaf is especially yummy. She loves crafts. She is very talented and clever. She likes to draw with me. She thinks I’m a terrific kid. I know that because she likes being with me. She has brownish-blondish hair and she has a beautiful smile. Her favorite color is turquoise. She likes three types of animals. Cats, monkeys, and Anatolian Shepards. I feel extra good about her.

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