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What I ate (and loved) this week

By Pippa Jack | Jul 10, 2012
It's warm, it's melty, it's just right

What: Hummus flatbread

Where: Poor People's Pub

When: Lunch and dinner

Why: Garlicky cheesy richness meets a light salad and even lighter crust.

Some dishes are greater than the sum of their parts. So it is with the pub's hummus flatbread, a dish that first appeared as a special over the winter and was perfect then as an app to share, and is perfect now as a summer meal. (For other winners in the "sum of parts" field, see Tuna Nachos at Eli's.)

The dish, which is now on the pub's regular menu, takes familiar elements (hummus, bread, veggies) and turns them into something unexpected and addictive. A personal-pie-sized disc of pizza dough arrives warm and slightly crisp, lightly sprinkled with melted cheese and smeared with home-made, garlic-heavy hummus. The whole thing is topped with a deftly dressed salad of spinach, onion and black olive. It's just the right mixture of healthy and sinful, and for some reason works well with the canned black olives that I normally reject in favor of kalamata and their fashion-conscious ilk.

I got one last Friday, ate half at the pub and took the other half to the beach, where it made a perfect late afternoon snack. A tip of my to-go box to chef Ross.

What are YOU eating on the Block this week? Tell us what tickles your taste buds and we'll share your fave foods with our readers!

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