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Watch out for Sage

By Quint | Mar 25, 2014

Introducing the new K9 unit all the way from Hunan Province, Sage. He is a Chinese Pug and will be deployed this summer here on Block Island to protect our police officers, citizens, and guests.

He has little tiny chicklet teeth, roughly equivalent to that of a sand shark, and the lung capacity of a baby field mouse, in the event of a prolonged foot pursuit.

He has a flat nose and face and therefore lacks any olfactory abilities whatsoever.

When asked about his chance of success here on the island, Chief Brody was hopeful. “You know the little guy got hit with a whole bunch of recessive alleles, but he’s got a lot of guts, and he was real bargain compared to the German Shepards we looked at,” he said.

Brought to you by the Staff of The Block Island Times on April 1.


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