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"Villanelle," screening this weekend!

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Aug 13, 2012

On 18 August, the much awaited "Villanelle," a horror noir, will be presented on the big screen. Cinema World at the Lincoln Mall, will showcase this great film, shot mostly on Block Island. Furthermore, there will be many familar faces in this film, written and directed by my former student, Rickey Laprade. I saw a rough cut at our house in post production and it was fantastic! After some color correction and some added music, written by another former and very talented student Mic Cartier, the production value is now worthy of a presentation on the big screen. I'm very honored to be a part of "Cut to the Chase Production's" growing success.

So, hop on the ferry, get off Block Island, get in a car with a passel of friends, and head north. Come to the 7pm. or 9pm. shows. Girls, get all babed and glammed out. Guys, go with the standard and wear tragically hip black togs, grab a large Coke and a bucket of popcorn, and sit back and watch what this local film company accomplished. Artie Whalberg, a talent in the film, should drag his little brother's Mark and Donnie to see this great indie effort. Finally, be on the lookout for "Erebus," another substantial effort, by one of old man Houlihan's favorite students!

For more information, go to "Villanelle" and "Erebus," IMDB.

See you there!


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