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Ultimate Fishing Story of 2013

By Block Island Fishworks | Aug 26, 2013
Photo by: T Edwards

Ultimate 2013 fishing story of the year...This is Devlin Hart, a Block Island Boat Basin dock attendant who, on Thursday August 22nd, wrangled this 55lb albacore tuna in New Harbor, Block Island, off a beach next to the Boat Basin. As a crowd noticed what was thought to be a shark in the shallow water, Devlin went to investigate and quickly saw that it was a longfin albacore tuna. Assuming it was injured, Devlin waded in and tried to grab the tail, and it went berserk swimming up the beach a short distance. He then grabbed a line and ran it down, tail roped it, and drug it up on the beach! The fish had no visible injuries, no gaff marks, hook holes, or scratches. Devlin Hart caught a tuna by hand in New Harbor - witnessed by many! Best fishing story yet, hands down.

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