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By Stephanie Turaj | Jun 08, 2013

#TwentySomething is the musings and thoughts of a 20-something-year-old living on Block Island. It’s a life that’s caught between being an adult and just not quite an adult yet — and filled with all sorts of adventures out & about the island.

What to do on a rainy day? If I lived anywhere else, I’d go to some overly expensive 3D movie, walk around aimlessly at the mall, or do some lame indoor activity like bowling.

But it rained Memorial Day weekend on Block Island, and the options seemed more limited: eat, drink, and sit in front of the TV watching old episodes of “Family Guy.” It forces you to be creative.

Even though the weather was a bummer, my visiting friend and I still spent time outside in the light rain, stacking rock sculptures at the Mohegan Bluffs and beachcombing on Crescent Beach. At one point, my friend asked if there’s a coffee shop we could hang out at for a while.

I must be far from the only one who spent the winter here who wondered: wouldn’t it be nice to have a year-round movie theater or afternoon coffee shop open on the island?

From my friend’s point of view, Block Island wasn’t boring at all. It’s not winter anymore, and places are open. Aldo’s Bakery was the answer to the coffee shop question, but if it had been a few weeks ago, I don’t know if there would have been an answer at 2 p.m. on a Sunday.

No wonder all my friends are rushing to visit in June and July — yet barely anyone stopped by this winter.

Later, my friend suggested we go dancing at a bar, and for me, that was a strange idea. Out drinking a couple nights in a row, not so much (see line about eat, drink, TV again), but dancing? Who does that?

We had fun — the live band at Nick’s, especially the drummer, was awesome. (That’s not only in our opinion, but also the 40-something that randomly started talking to this 20-something while fixing make-up in the bathroom.)

That’s another thing that’s kinda weird nowadays: there are people around.

I’m not talking about the people who wave at me and say hi, make small talk about my job and give curious looks when they see me hanging out with someone new — not those people. There are new people, people my age (20-something) like the girl who kept bumping into us while dancing and had to be pulled back by her friends every time a guy came near.

Hello, summer on Block Island. A rainy start or not, we all missed you.

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