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#TwentySomething: Mainland livin'

By Stephanie Turaj | Jul 20, 2013

I’m pretty sure no one was ever as excited for Chinese food as I was last Saturday. I’m also pretty sure the guy at the take-out counter thought I was weird because I just might have been jumping up and down like a little kid.

But on Block Island, Chinese food doesn’t exist, so a trip to the mainland means that there’s a special treat in store, aka sesame chicken and egg rolls.

A trip to the mainland also means doing chores. I went to visit a close friend of mine from college, Marie. When I called Marie to tell her I was visiting, this is what happened.

Marie: “We can hang out, but I have to run errands.”

Me: “Perfect! I have to run errands, too.”

I guess this is what being an adult is — my weekend was spent going to HomeGoods and Target. On Block Island, those stores don’t exist, either. So I bought clothes, a basket for my seashell collection, dark brown hair dye (because my hair doesn’t ever stay the same color), and a few essentials that aren’t found on-island.

Then, after Marie and I shopped and ate, we relaxed at her apartment, where she has air-conditioning (yet one more thing I’m not used to on Block Island) and we watched TV — some weird Comedy Central show; I don’t remember the name.

I have to say, though, as much as I enjoyed a “wild” time shopping and indulging in fried rice, I missed Block Island, even though I was gone just overnight. The hardest thing is getting on that boat leaving Old Harbor on a beautiful day, and watching the place I call home get dimmer and dimmer on the horizon.

Going to the mainland can be refreshing, but it was just as refreshing to come back and go for a swim in the ocean.

#TwentySomething is the musings and thoughts of a 20-something-year-old living on Block Island. It’s a life that’s caught between being an adult and just not quite an adult yet — and filled with all sorts of adventures out & about the island.

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