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#TwentySomething: Farewell summer, hello fall

By Stephanie Turaj | Sep 28, 2013

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, and it’s a crisp, cool autumn day. It’s time to bring out the fall clothes, the boots, light scarves and jackets. Then while biking to work, there’s a refreshing breeze blowing. Everything’s beautiful, the chaos of summer tourists is pretty much over (but restaurants are still open on-island), and there’s pumpkins for sale in the grocery store, making me realize I want to carve a jack-o-lantern.

I love fall. This is a recent love affair — I never really liked this season when younger. It reminded me that winter was coming, a long, dark, lonely and miserable season I’ll probably never like. Fall also meant “back to school,” and although I was one of those weird kids that actually liked school, even I didn’t want summer vacation to end. But that’s changed, since now I have the luxury of working year-round (why can’t “adults” have the summer off, too?) and I now recognize fall for its beauty, not for its impending doom of winter.

Especially on Block Island, where we all know too well that rushed sense of urgency the few short summer months give us, autumn comes as a breath of fresh air. The feeling on this island is calmer — there’s less traffic, less people and less to worry about.

It was a crazy, weird summer. It was one that started off with losing my grandma. Then I lost my apartment to a lightning strike, and lived in places not quite “home.” Work for me, like most, was much too busy. And the partying, too, was much too busy. Too many times I told myself I wasn’t going to dance at Kittens only to get roped in for “fear of missing out” (“fomo,” us twenty-somethings stupidly call it). Then there was the feeling that everday must be spent at the beach, because if you’re on an island, and you don’t go to the beach, something’s not quite right. It was an intense summer, one of incredible highs and lows. Overall I enjoyed it, but I’m glad it’s over.

So on the first day of autumn, I took a moment to relax at my apartment complex (home, finally) and watch the sunset over the Great Salt Pond, drink a pumpkin beer and lounge in an old jacket I borrowed from my dad, which is much too big for me but so comfortable on a brisk day. The lack of urgency, other than the fact that I had work the next day, it was a good feeling.

Take a moment to enjoy this season. Do something festive, go apple picking off-island, bake some pumpkin bread, stop to look at the fall foliage that will be showing up soon. I intend on doing all of the above. My only complaint is there’s no Starbucks on Block Island. They need to start delivering pumpkin lattes to the airport.

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