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Try Peonies for Showstopping bloom!

By Highland Farm Inc. | May 26, 2013

Peonies have been used in our New England landscape for a very long time, and offer STUNNING color in a "full-sun" (6-8 hours) location.

Peonies thrive in slightly alkaline soil, so a dose of calcitic lime once a season in Spring will keep them happy, since New England has such acid soil.  By boosting the soil ph, you are allowing the plant to receive nutrients that would normally be "locked-up" in acid soil.  By allowing the plant to receive much needed nutrients, you are eliminating the problem of Botrytis.  If you find that your peony already has the white powdery substance (Botrytis) on it, you can treat it chemically, or use a product called "Serenade" which is effective organic fungus killer and preventer. This product is available at the farm, along with the calcitic lime.

Highland Farm has a BEAUTIFUL selection of Peonies in stock at the moment, with 1 gallon pots selling at $24.99, and 3 gallon pots selling for $29.99, or 2 for $50.00.  Please call 792-8188 for color availibility and free delivery to the ferry!!     

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