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May 10, 2013

Dear Block Island Friends,

We have been back on the island two weeks now. Good to be home. I missed posting last week as I wanted to include some vital statistics. From Indianapolis, instead of heading up to Detroit and across Ontario to Niagra Falls, we drove east to Cleveland, spent the night and then on to the Falls. We had forgotten to bring along Dodger's rabies vaccination papers and did not want to be turned back at the Canadian border.

Niagra Falls has undergone a thorough facelift since my last visit 61 years ago. On the American side, and probably true across in Canada, all the old honkytonk areas adjacent to the falls have been replaced by state parkland which affords many attractive viewing venues. Goat Island, between the Canadian and American falls is part of the park, accessible by bridges, and one can stroll between the two in a few minutes.

Next day east again for a couple of hours on the two lanes and then crossing the Erie Canal at Spencerport, back on the interstate to Saratoga Springs. We visited the elegant Saratoga racetrack and walked Dodger through the beautiful parks. On Friday, south for five hours we made the one o'clock boat and arrived home two months and two days from our departure.

Some numbers: 13,500 miles; about 500 gallons of gas; 27 mpg; average hotel room: $87; many national parks and historic sites.

Good Trip!

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