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Town Council news brief

By Stephanie Turaj | Aug 14, 2013

A brief Town Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 5, resulted in little action as the council tabled three agenda items until a future meeting.

Following some discussion about each topic, the council agreed it needed more information before it takes a vote on the following: setting a limit to the number of yacht clubs allowed on the town mooring waiting list, establishing a policy for town service contracts, and changing the town hawkers and peddlers license.

“It seems like we’re just tabling everything,” remarked Councilor Sean McGarry. All of these items had been on the council agenda at least once prior to this meeting.

“Sometimes, that’s the way it goes,” responded Second Warden Ken Lacoste.

At the meeting, the council voted to allow the town to apply for a $1,250,000 grant. This money would go to upgrade the town sewer system. The grant would provide $561,700, and the town and sewer department would be responsible for the remainder, or $688,300.

The council voted to abate $633.55 in motor vehicle taxes paid to the town. Twenty-five individuals either sold their vehicles, moved out of state or passed away.

Councilors appointed island resident Heather Hatfield to serve on the Deer Task Force. This passed with a 4-0 vote. Councilor Norris Pike had motioned to appoint island resident Mark Emmanuelle to the board instead; but this motion failed in a 1-3 vote.

Ruth Perfido, chair of the Deer Task Force, attended the council meeting with several other task force members to recommend Hatfield to the position. “She’s a year-round resident,” said Perfido. “She is a businesswoman that has a business in the field [gardening], and she is one of the young people, with children, that is interested.”

There is currently an opening for a position on the town Library Board.

Also at the meeting, island resident Chris Blane asked if the council could enforce stopping the loud soundings of cannons in New Harbor that happen each night at sunset.

First Warden Kim Gaffett was absent from this council meeting.

In a previous version of this story, the motion to appoint Heather Hatfield was incorrectly stated as a 3-1 vote. Norris Pike was incorrectly reported as voting against the motion.

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