The Block Island Times

Town Council news brief

Jul 10, 2013

At its June 27 meeting, the Town Council approved a request from Don Thimble “to hold a 2013 taxi license in abeyance until 2014.” Thimble, who had been earlier approved for the license, asked to defer it for medical reasons.

In another matter, the council ruled on a codicil regarding the sale of a Salt Pond Settlement unit belonging to the estate of the late Bosley Wilder. The issue concerned restrictions on the sale of an affordable unit, which limit such sales to full-time island residents only.

Mary Stover, representing the estate, pointed out the property had not sold in six years and she had found a buyer, otherwise qualified, who wished to make the island her full-time home. Stover requested that the council release the town’s Right of First Refusal for the sale, which after some discussion they agreed to do.

—Gloria S. Redlich

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