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To the station and back

By Daniel West | Apr 08, 2011

Over the last few months I took up a new activity that I have been surprised to find I am starting to really enjoy — running.

I am not a runner, in fact I’ve always hated it. I'm usually happier swimming; I was on a swim team for several years and throughout high school and in college I was a lifeguard.

I used to see running as at best a chore and at worst pure torture. However, over the last few weeks its been feeling less and less like torture and more and more like a pleasant excuse to get outside despite the cold weather.

I’ve been running a route that takes me down Coast Guard Road, roughly a two-mile loop, to get prepared for the Block Island Triathlon in July. I’ve committed to competing this year and since the water is too cold to swim and I don't have my road bike on the island my training has been limited to pounding the pavement.

After the first few weeks, once I was able to go more than a few hundred feet without feeling like I might keel over and die on the side of the road, I started to look around and enjoy my surroundings.

Winding along the west side of the island, Coast Guard Road passes Charleston Beach (one of my favorites on the island), Cormorant Cove and ends at the old Coast Guard Station. It’s as scenic as any road out here. This time of year you are also virtually guaranteed to see a group of deer bounding through the fields or seals crowded on the floating dock in Cormorant Cove weighing it down until it is almost submerged.

It's been nice to spend some time on a part of the island I usually only see in the summer on my way to go fishing at the cut. If I hadn’t forced myself to run I never would have become so familiar with yet another unique part of the island, but I still like swimming better.

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Posted by: Judy Tierney | Apr 18, 2011 13:48

Running is energizing, Dan.  When I was younger, I wanted to increase my distance but always seemed to get winded at the same point. A friend who taught meditation gave me a mantra to repeat while exercising, and it worked. Maybe I should try it now to start running again, if only I could remember it!

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