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Third book in Block Island trilogy released

Book-signing on Aug. 1
By Lars Trodson | Jul 28, 2013

Come join author David Lee Tucker to celebrate the release of the final book of his Block Island trilogy. The final installment, “Stone Wall Freedom — The Slave” picks up the threads of the first two books while weaving a new one all its own.

The Block Island Historical Society is hosting a book signing on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 6 p.m.

Tucker, who lives in Trumbull, Conn., said he has been visiting the island since the 1960s and said the inspiration came from something he heard on an early trip.

“If you were to talk to a few people in the island, and this goes back to the 60s when I first came here, we heard from a cab driver that said slaves built the stone walls but I could not find any historical documents that verified that,” Tucker said. “But it’s something that existed as a legend on the island. At the same time, historic records on the mainland say that slaves had earned their freedom doing such tasks.”

Although he was in corporate finance — an early buyout brought retirement — Tucker said he only started to enjoy writing just a few years ago. “I always thought, even back in college, that if I ever found a story that really grabbed me I would make an effort to write a novel,” he said.

The Stone Wall Freedom books originally began as one long novel, but he saw how he could easily break it into three separate parts.

“I’m pleased with the way it came out. Originally, it was going to be a ficticious island but I was encouraged to make it Block Island and reference historic names,” he said. But the main characters are all fictitious.

Although this is the final book in the current series, Tucker said he is not giving up the island as a source of inspiration.

“Block Island has been my passion,” he said. His next book will look into the history of the island between 1630 and when the island was settled in 1661.

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