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The Truth About Mulch

By Highland Farm Inc. | Apr 22, 2013

  Highland Farm would like to inform our customers that all mulch is NOT created equal.  There are companies offering mulch at a discounted price. We want our customers to be informed that a good portion of the product from these companies is made from tree brush, stumps, old pallets, and unknown things.  We have heard many complaints about poison ivy being rampant in this inexpensive product.  The discount mulch can attract termites and carpenter ants, because it is not made from hard wood.  Discount mulch may look good when purchasing, but buyer beware; PROCESSED WOOD MULCHES contain a high carbon-nitrogen ratio.  This means that it will rob the soil of much needed nitrogen, the THIRD primary nutrient essential for plant growth. 

  Highland Farm carries only the best products on the market and offers them at an honest price.  If you are looking for REAL BARK MULCH, we sell it. 

  Bark mulch is better for plant health.  It contains waxes that shed water and increases the water capacity in the soil.  Bark mulch also increases phosphorus and potassium levels in the soil, which are micronutrients that are essential for plant health.  Bark maintains it's color longer.  A small amount of enviromentally safe food coloring dye may be added to increase color consistancy.

  At Highland Farm, we bag our own mulch, and a 3cf bag is only $6.50.  Here is an easy mulch calculator:

  Walk the peremiter of your beds. Add all lengths together and add all widths together. Multiply total length by total width to determine square footage.  Divide this number by 108 to determine the amount of yards needed.  This is based on a 3 inche deep calculation.  Nine bags equals 1 cubic yard.

Please refer to our website: for mulch colors.  Choose from Hemlock, Natural Cedar, Red Cedar, Chocolate brown (Pine Spruce), and Black.  Call Highland Farm today at 792-8188 to place your order for FREE delivery to the Block Island ferry.  

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