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The State Pier Ferry Landing in Point Judith, '76

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | May 29, 2014
J.V. Houlihan Sr. at the Ferry Landing in Point Judith

Back in the '70's, my mom and dad hung around  on board the M/V Southland. They knew the owners, Captain Bob Marr, and his wife Emma. Along with their son Harry, and a couple of local kids acting as deckhands, this little boat provided a nice little ride up and around the islands of Salt Pond, and a run out to the Harbor of Refuge. Moreover, the Southland had a nice little social scene for some locals: beer, banter and other harmless activities. My folks loved to hang there in the summertime.

     My mom probably took this picture of my dad, sporting his Fedora, while leaning against the railing and waiting for the Quonset to dock, so he could say "hey," to his son. I worked on the ferry. This shot was from the stern of the Southland. (The Athena currently docks in this spot.) Note the chain falls on the steel frame. Also note the condition of the pier—it's been replaced twice since this picture was taken.The frame, chain falls, railings and ramp are all gone, now. The Marrs and my folks are also gone. But, the word around the campfire, is that the Southland will sail again. I'll keep you posted.


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