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The Real Rebecca

Dec 27, 2013
Photo by: Bruce Montgomery

The following note was sent in from Bruce Montgomery of Cooneymus Road:

“An early-morning photo shoot brought me to the back acres behind the Block Island Power Co. And there on the lawn, “The Real Rebecca.” When the statue of Rebecca was re-conditioned back in the early 2000s, the old one went into hibernation in one of the buildings at BIPCo. She was supposed to re-emerge as the centerpiece in the lobby of the New Town Hall. Obviously, that never happened.

“And now, instead of being the center of attention on her pedestal in the middle of Water Street, she is spending her dotage as a lawn ornament.”

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Posted by: Suzanne D Cotter | Dec 30, 2013 12:12

How truly SAD that such a lovely piece of Block Island history sits out in the open behind BIPco to rust her remaining years away!  I do not believe that was supposed to be the original fate of Rebecca when she was replaced.  As I recall, she was to be stored INSIDE somewhere until a suitable INDOOR home could be found for her!!!

There needs to be a whole lot more 'follow up' on this story!!!!!  She is truly Beautiful and hopefully, as she is on a pallet, it is only a temporary situation......?????

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Posted by: Martha Ball | Jan 03, 2014 14:35

the circumstance is being worked on, thanks to Bruce Montgomery for bring it to the attention of the rest of us.

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