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The Heathen Celtic Prince

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Feb 23, 2013
Courtesy of: The Celtic Heathen The heathen, Josh, Canna, and Tally, Savannah Georgia

So my boyo Martin, extended a courtesy call after the last ferry was tied up tonight; what a prince. "How's the weather lad," asks the Prince. "Just ducky Martin: rain, wind, ice pellets, gusts, falling limbs, black ice, did I say wind, east wind, cold, yeah just ducky." I said.

      "And how are you doing in Florida, ya heathen," I ask.

      "Well I'm on the deck over looking the ocean and it's dusk, just beautiful, warm," he says.

      "Are you having a libation, and are you comfy," I ask.

      "Yes, a Guiness, and yes, I am comfy lad," he says.

      "Well, I'm just delighted to hear this, please let me know if there's anything we can do here in Point Judith to enhance your Floridaze," I say.

       "Decisions, decisions Joey, I think I'll have an umbrella drink lad," he sighs.

       "Call me tomorrow, so I can tell you how cold it is ok," I say.

       "Will do Lad."


                   To be continued:




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