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Tech glitches hamper special BIHS Board meeting held after the resignation of Janice Miller

By Gloria S. Redlich | Apr 05, 2014

Technology glitches and a lingering hangover from the way a previous administrator had left the employment of the Block Island Medical Center hovered over a meeting of the Block Island Health Center Board that was scheduled immediately in the wake of Dr. Janice Miller’s resignation.

Conversation was hampered because three board members — including Board President Bob Fallon, and members Sue Hagedorn and Al Casazza — were attending the meeting through a cell phone hookup. It was difficult for those members not in the room to hear precisely what was being said, and that led to a tense moment when Fallon misunderstood what an audience member had said.

After one other member of the audience questioned why the board was meeting with so many members communicating over the phone, islander Norris Pike stood to support those same comments. “I want to echo what Nancy Greenaway said. It’s important for a board such as this one to have everyone here. Maybe you should change your bylaws,” he said.

It’s unclear what Fallon thought he heard, but he responded by saying, “No, no, no, you can’t accuse the board of harassing the doctor.”

Vice President Cindy Baute then jumped in and said “Norris reiterated what Nancy had said. You heard incorrectly.” It took a few moments for Baute to have Fallon hear what she was saying.

The misunderstanding may have also been partially due to the fact that the board, under directions from Dr. Miller, said they would not be able to release the letter that Miller had sent to the full board on Monday, March 31, announcing her resignation.

Island resident Peter Saxon attempted to address this when he asked the board, “We need to know as a community why Dr. Miller has resigned.” Saxon referred to the firing of Executive Director Monty Stover, the reasons for which have never been made public.

This article has been updated and edited as of 4/6/2014.


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Posted by: Rev. Stephen Hollaway | Apr 05, 2014 10:47

The Board should have had a meeting in executive session re a personnel matter to get their act together before calling a public meeting. The public has no legal right to know about personnel matters such as the reasons for a person's resignation, even under the open meeting laws.

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