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Summer plans

By Kari Curtis | Jun 06, 2011

My kids get out of school on BI on June 15......that's like, next week.

Where the did the time go? I find myself thrown into a panic mode of making plans for the summer.

If I dont make firm plans now, the summer will be over. Gone in the blink of an eye, and I will still be trying to decide what works best for the boys, what will make everyone happy while wanting to do a million summer related things including concerts, road trips and visits....which all include boat schedules, car reservations on the ferry, and getting the time off of work to do it my dreams.

There are so many things I want to do, my list is endless...

I want to go to my friend Stacy's beach house in Sea Isle City on the Jersey Shore for a girls long weekend. I want to go up to the Berkshires over the Fourth of July to see James Taylor playing at Tanglewood and stay to see the fireworks after the show. I want to drive back up to Nova Scotia with Joe for a week or more to stay at my Aunt's house on the shore and explore the off-the-beaten-track places together, where we both still have have family and deceased family. I want to go to the rodeo in Vermont that we all go to on our way to dropping the boys off at camp. I want to go to Waterfire in Providence. I want to go see my friend Kelly in New Hampshire, visit my parents in Little Compton for days on end..... and get a beach day here once in a while.....after all, i do live on an island that is especially perfect on a hot summer day.

Sadly, I cannot get all of these things done this summer...aside from my job at the Block Island Times, I house-check for Block Island Realty on the there is very little free time unless planned for.

The good news is: I do plan to do a few of the things listed above this summer!

I have also managed to finally commit to dates for the boys to go back to camp in August, up in Alton, New Hampshire.... Camp Brookwoods/ Deer Run, the most wonderful camp ever.....anywhere.

This will be Ryan's fifth year and Andrew's third year. They go for two weeks up to the woods, on a lake. A nice change of scenery from the island in the crazy summer months. I went there as a child, along with my 3 siblings. What wonderful memories I have from that time in my life.My brother and sister send their kids as well, so Ryan and Andrew get to spend two weeks with their cousins.

It is truly the highlight of their summer.

It's not that I need a babysitter for both boys anymore, Ryan is old enough now to get a part time job somewhere and is fine to be on his own until I am finished with work.

Andrew, at 9, is doing his final year at Camp Mohegan, a great day camp on the island from June through mid- August for kids up to 10 years old, along with various sports camps the Recreation Department on the island offers, so the need for a sitter barely exists.


I will not miss paying a babysitter.

I will, however, be missing the days when I wasn't working, and was able to pack up my boys for the day, and head to the beach until supper time.

I will always miss those days.





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