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Students rule in annual student/faculty game

By Kathleen Hemingway | Mar 29, 2014
Photo by: Thea Monje

With much build-up, the Block Island School’s annual Student-Faculty basketball game did not disappoint. Evenly matched at the start, it took a few minutes for the scoreboard to fill. With quick rotations, every person from both teams put in valuable minutes and really helped each other out. The final score put the students on top, 53 - 41.

For the students, Griffen Hall scored more than a few key 3-pointers and Tadhg O’Neill put up an impressive defensive front. Athleticism was not lacking, as Evalene Deane showed us. She demonstrated not one, but two fast break-aways and Oliver Mott displayed his leadership role proudly as the only senior on the student team. Richard Conant also proved to be an asset on and off the court as he riled up not only the students, but the stands as well.

As for the faculty team, the high school history teacher, David Prior, proved to be like the Energizer bunny, quickly hustling down the court to retrieve some long Hail Mary-like passes and score a quick layup. As for the defensive efforts, Scott Cummings acted as a 6-foot wall and a tremendous rebounder along with the tech-ed teacher, Mark Mollicone.

Mrs. Cotter-Marsella also helped encourage each side with her countless encouraging remarks to boost everyone’s spirits. The junior high basketball coach Paul Hemingway also added valuable minutes as the faculty’s point guard, along with numerous other teachers and faculty. As the game reached its end, jokes were exchanged and the teachers blamed their loss on an “off game,” but we know the truth.

Better luck next year, faculty.

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