The Block Island Times

Snapshots of infantry life

By Dan Millea | Nov 11, 2013
Oct. 1966: “This was taken inside a Mountainyard village. Notice the thatched huts in the background where one family lives.”

Dan Millea’s mother gave him a camera when he was in the Vietnam War. He’d take pictures and then send the film back stateside and when the pictures returned to him, he’d write a little story on the back. Here are his stories.

The photo above is of Millea.

A quick note on one of the references: “Mountainyard” is the term for a person who lived in the hills near Pleiku, where Millea’s unit was stationed.

See the Nov. 9 print edition of The Block Island Times for more photos in this series.

Sept. 1966: “A Mountainyard woman on her way to market in Pleiku. Buckets weigh up to 50 pounds and she carries it 12 miles each way. She is from the village (name unknown) next door.”
Nov. 1966: “Casualties from a recent operation being admitted to our aid station.”
Jan. 1967: “Colors presented at [the] Bob Hope Show.”
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