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Skye, Kintyre, and Lace

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jan 09, 2013
Photo by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. Cindy's lace

As I've stated before, my wife has a serious lace habit, which all started innocently enough, when she saw Kate Middleton's wedding dress at Buckingham Palace a couple of summers ago. Cindy also: crochets, knits, makes quilts, (she's working on a quilted gingerbread house), makes baby blankets, prayer shawls, weaves a mean basket, needlepoints, and so on, and so on. ( I know, a terrible pun.) She is a multi-tasker who can talk on the phone while knitting, watching the weather and petting Mac or Sailor's head with her foot; amazing stuff huh!?

     Last summer, she hit Kintyre on the coast of Scotland for a seminar with other lace makers. She also took a trip over to the Isle of Skye for a few days with a tour group. Cindy enjoys a nice tour group. According to my wife, Skye is a pretty laid back place. One late evening, after wandering the streets of the main town of Portee and watching the sun set, she rejoined her group in a local pub. While chatting with her group and having a drink, she looked over at the bar and saw three musicians from the group North Sea Gas. The Saint Andrew's Society of Rhode Island, has booked these guys to play for them. Moreover, they play all over the world.  We had seen these guys a few years ago and I wrote a little review of the gig, but you can just Youtube these guys for a quick listen. They're great! The guys and Cindy both, finally recognized each other and had a chat and a drink. They also had a good laugh about how small the world is.

     When my wife travels to a new place, she will first immerse herself in literature to get familiar with its environs. For example, we're heading over to Martha's Vineyard in March for a few days to visit a friend and it's also my birthday. This is a place that Cindy has never visited. ( I've been to the Vineyard many times since I was a teenager, so I'm like the worldly traveler for this trip, ya know, I'll be like, the Dude.)

     The books are already arriving at the house day by day from ebay, several of them. She likes to read mysteries to get the lay of the land.  She just showed me four of them which she will consume before we head over to Wood's Hole to hop on the ferry for Vinyard Haven. I know my bride is a seasoned, and solo world traveler. However, on the Vineyard, I can be like a real Alpha dude, who knows the island. I'll man up and show Cindy some very cool places. I'll be way cool, actually.

     One trip for my wife always segues seamlessly into the next one. Regarding her growing passion for lace making, nothing will surprise me. Every time I mention to women that my wife is a lace maker, their heads snap at the word. Recently, a friend told me, the she had a 150 year old lace tablecloth in the backseat of her wagon. She was beaming as she told me that she and her husband have dinner on this work of art. She also told me to tell Cindy to go visit Slovenia, and some other places I can't pronounce. Cindy recently returned from Brugge, in Belgium, where she had mussels in Brussels and also had a wild time walking the cobblestone streets and lacing up a storm. Additionally, she got me a cool black watch cap that says, Brugge. I love my hat! What will my wife's next trip be; heaven only knows, but I know one thing for certain, I'll get great stories, and Cindy will cook up some great dishes of local cuisine, plus, I'll score good hat out of the deal. What else does a guy need but good food and a warm hat!?

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