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Sky Rider, Cindy McDonald-Houlihan

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jan 09, 2013
Courtesy of: J.V. Houlihan, Jr. Cindy McDonald-Houlihan about to leap into the unknown.

Some guys drive their wives to shopping sprees at the Christmas Tree Shop or maybe an assortment of shops at any given mall. Or, they drive them into a state of perpetual angst; a bad thing I guess. Well, I drove my wife to jump out of an airplane over Narragansett Bay. Actually, it was all her idea to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. At dinner one night, I mentioned that I was looking for some stuff to write into some fiction that I was working on, and I was at the State Airport in Newport getting some ideas. I noticed people getting harnessed up, and then they hopped into an airplane, ascended to 10.000 feet, then jumped out; cool huh? As fate would have it, my wife was thinking of doing just that the same day I was out there observing this insane activity; go figure that one.

The same week, unbeknownst to my wife, our daughter flew over from Maui where she lives, to the Big Island, hopped in a plane, and jumped out over the Pacific Ocean; like mother, like daughter. Go figure that one too. As it turned out, both women wanted to celebrate the adventurous spirit of my wife's deceased dad, on the anniversary of his death. I mean, what's a guy to do with women like this.

In the picture, Cindy is about to get jettisoned out the door of the plane, grinning. I was watching with my binoculars on a picnic table with our Scotty, Mac( kind of concerned, you might say, it seemed to take a looooong time for the chute to open). What is cool about this picture, it that you can see Prudence Island, a place we sail to in the fall. Moreover, you can see other Narragansett Bay landmarks; Bristol Harbor for example. My wife and I agree, that we are both as "Mad as Hatters," but we don't care. However, although I'm not packing a full seabag, most of the time, I will not, jump out, of a perfectly good airplane. A man has to have his limits, right!? To each his own madness I guess.

Well, Cindy had a great, long 20 second free fall before the chute deployed, had a great sky ride back to terra firma, excecuted a perfect landing as instructed, and ran over to me smiling and saying, "I want to go again, can I go again Joey"! I told her that I would drive her to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, another time. Cindy was so jacked on adrenaline, and smiling so broadly, she was ready to take off again. When a guy is married to a woman like this, you just have to let her do whatever she wants. The horse is already out of the barn, if you know what I mean.

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