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Sign up for Block Island Bridge Marathon 2013

By Margie Comings | Aug 13, 2013

After a very successful four years, I am happy to announce our fifth year of the B.I. Bridge Marathon, which will start in September and go through May and end with a potluck luncheon in June. We had 10 teams last year and I hope we will have that many or more for this coming winter. However, while our goal is to play our best, it is also to have fun and that is what the rest of us had who did not win. We had a lot of fun and many a good laugh!

If you play bridge, think about joining us this coming winter, here’s how it works:

Marathon Bridge is a fundraiser (charity to be determined by vote of the players) and each player pays $50 to play for the entire season, which must be paid before the first game. These bridge marathons meet once a month and it is a great excuse to get together with (get-to-know) people you do not see all the time during the winter.

I will assign people to partnerships, attempting to match strong players with less experienced players, or you can set up your own partnership. You do not have to be a bridge expert; however, you do need to know how to play bridge. This is not for beginners.

You and your partner are assigned a team number. Each participant keeps her permanent partner for the year. You will receive a packet with a list of couples participating, a schedule of what team you will play each month, who hosts (each player hosts two or three times a season and provides a simple lunch), rules, scoring card, and score sheets.

Because you have a month to schedule your game, the date and the time is flexible. Those of you who travel during the winter can easily participate. When necessary, to work around travel plans, games can be played before your month starts or after it is over. If all else fails, you can use a substitute. My goal is to involve as many people as possible, so we try to be flexible and have as few rules as possible.

If you are interested in joining or have questions and just want to talk, please email or call me. To participate this year, you must sign up by Friday, Aug. 16, 2013 because the marathon packet is sent out Tuesday, Aug. 20.

Margie Comings can be reached at 466-2163 or at

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