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Sewer and Water budgets for 2014 finalized

Slight increase over 2013
By Judy Tierney | May 30, 2013

Budgets for 2014 were approved for the sewer and the water utilities at their joint meeting on Tuesday, May 21. The final number for the sewer department budget was $1,599,182. The water department has budgeted $741,298, both just a few dollars off the originally projected budgets of $1,584,182 and $728,689 respectively. The budgets are set to meet expenses and do not reflect projected income. Reflecting on that, Commissioner Brad Marthens said another increase in fees for sewer district users still needs to be discussed.

Sewer financials for the month ending April of 2013 and for the entire year to date “looked good,” according to Finance Director Amy Land, a far cry from the analysis two years ago, when the sewer company needed to borrow $200,000 from the town to meet payroll.

The water district year-to-date revenues are ahead of last year’s, and expenditures are down. Both commissions reviewed their aging payment lists. The sewer company is owed $54,908.35 and the water department is owed $56,996.84. Chair Pete McNerney commented that the sewer’s uncollected revenue is going down, as it had been more than $70,000.

The superintendents of the utilities requested a one-month extension of their contracts in order to meet in a work session with the commissioners to discuss details. Clerk Janet Ziegler will be taking a six week medical leave beginning Monday, June 4, and Peter McNerney will try to have the phones answered with a part-time temporary person.

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