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Sailor's first time

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Sep 29, 2012
Courtesy of: Emmy Houlihan

I bought an iPhone today for two reasons. First of all I needed to upgrade my "geezer flip-phone," which is how my flip-phone is referred to at the ferry dock by several cool and savvy young turks. And I thought that I was a pretty hep cat; guess not. Secondly, I really wanted to take a picture of our dog Sailor(his first time on our sailboat), without asking launch drivers, Policemen, Dockmasters, Harbor Masters, or standard issue general passers-by, if they would please take a picture of my dog, and then please email it to me; I've done this before-several times. Nope, today would be different. The picture taking paradigm would shift. This day, I would take a quantum leap forward into the flip-phoneless future.

      The phone store guy made it all seem sooooooo simple. "You do this, then this, and then scroll down to here, now for pictures just hit this icon and aim like this and push this button and then swipe over to here and, now to email this just hit this arrow here and tap the screen and mail it to whoever you want. You got this now?" He asked. "Oh yeah, I'm on this stuff," I replied. I was trying to mask my pure indifference/befuddlement; however, this guy knew he was dealing with a "Geezer in training," and would need a few, perhaps several days of noodling around with this newfangled gadget, before he'd figure it out. Au contrair, mon frere, I actually took this picture of Sailor!

        Then, the problems started. I took the shot, but then was having a problem sending it to my wife's email account so she could see our boyo Sailor. So, I called my daughter and asked her how to email it. Emmy started telling me she was amazed that I got one of these "cool things," and how she could do a "tutorial this week," and show me how to use all the "great features and apps" that this thing has. I told my daughter that I'd spent waaaaaay to much time with this thing already and wanted to move on with my day; now! "Just mail me the picture dad, and I'll put it on Facebook with a note," Emily said. And she did just that, bang, Facebook pic! Cool beans!

          Needless to say, Sailor doesn't look at all too happy on the boat. He got a little more comfortable down in the cabin, but really wasn't buying into the whole sailing thing.(The launch ride twisted him up enough.) I told my wife that if Mac was with him, he'd be fine. Mac is great on the boat, plus Mac is like "The Dude," I'm mean he really is a very cool dog; no brag, just fact. I'm on a mission to get the dogs out for another sail before the snow falls, and most assuredly, this iPhoneing cool cat will be taking some way, tres cool pix; bet the farm on this my friends. In fact, double down on it.




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