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Sailor's adoption update

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Mar 01, 2013
Photo by: Emmy Houlihan

A year ago today we adopted Sailor, and it was the best fit we could ask for, he made himself right at home upon entering the living room; he jumped up onto the couch. Sailor is an excitable boy, and yangs out on a daily, and on the quick too. So, Mac needs to yin his little brother in, and he does it well.

     Mac is cool, circumspect and tenacious. Sailor, is by osmosis, slowly absorbing Mac's vibe; however, I would not say he is cool; yet. Circumspect, eh, sometimes. Tenacious, fahgettaboutit, he barks and then hides between our legs to face his adversary. Nevertheless, he and Mac are the most amusing little guys; better than anything on Network TV. We feel very lucky that we could give this dog a good home. Summer's coming, and we are determined to get the boys out on the sailboat; can't wait! 

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