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Rhymes to Reason: Boris and his behavior

By Sherri Carly | Mar 27, 2012

Sitting Bull once said: “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”

This column has been a pleasure to write because it brings to mind my own children when they were young. Most parents question their own children’s behavior in public and private. There are times when their behavior becomes less than acceptable. We start to watch other people’s children’s behavior and wonder if they are comparing their children to ours and other children.

My son, Thomas, was the third of four children. He was a bit rambunctious, he was born in February and he is just like his grandfather, Thomas Fisher, whom some of you might remember. The thoughts that come to mind are stubborn, and a great sense of humor.

All of our children are so different and we would not want them to be any other way.

For Christmas, Uncle Jack decided to give Thom a book called “Boris Bad Enough” by Robert Kraus (Windnill Book Inc. and E.P. Dalton and Co. Inc., NY). I was aghast. Was he that bad? How could Thom need this? However, after getting over the initial shock, I read the book. I could not stop laughing! It happened to be one of the funniest children’s books I have ever read.

I pass it on with great love and the hope that you will have a good laugh today. Always remember, a day without laughter is a wasted day.

This book is about an elephant family – Boris is the child and the parents do not know what to do about the behavior of Boris. I can’t tell you the whole story, but let me give you a flavor of the writing:

Boris was bad (he was pulling the tail of a bird and always getting in trouble).

“I hope he doesn’t get any worse,” said his mother.

“He better not,” said his father. “Boris is bad enough.”

But Boris did get worse! And worse, and worse, and worse.

His mother and father were at their wits’ end, so they took Boris to a shrink.

Boris kicked the shrink in the shins.

Then the book takes an interesting turn, and everyone, mom and dad included, learn some lessons they didn’t expect. By the end, his parents are saying:

“Boris could be a little better,” said Boris’s father.

“Nonsense,” said Boris’s mother. “Boris is good enough.”

When I was done reading this book to Thom, he looked at me and said, “Mommy, Boris was a bad boy to kick the shrink. I would never do that.” “I know that, Thom,” I replied.

“Uncle Jack is very smart and he gave me this book and tell him I will be a good boy,” said Thom.  I replied: “Thom, you are a very good boy and Uncle Jack knows that.”

I hope you all have a happy spring and Easter season.

Until the next time…

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