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Rhode Show fun

By Pippa Jack | Jul 05, 2011

One of the fun things I got to do when I worked at Rhode Island Monthly magazine was occasional appearances on the Rhode Show, the Fox/WPRI morning coffee-hour news show that showcases local news and personalities.

Last summer, Jerry from the Manisses came up to do a cocktail segment — you should have seen the staff fall on those glasses after the cameras left! — and the Cardi brothers have cooked more meals in the Rhode Show kitchen than I've had hot dinners.

I never get to do anything so hands-on — I'm usually just sitting on a deceptively comfortable looking couch, chatting with one of the hosts about the latest cover story in the magazine. It feels like forever when you're sweating in front of the cameras, but it's really just a loosely scripted three minutes, to the second, and the hosts really are nice.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be on one last time at the magazine's behest, talking about its July cover story, a summer guide that I put together before leaving at the end of April. I hope they have the A/C on - being on the island these past few months has spoiled me for city temperatures! And I'll be talking to the show's producers about doing more Block Island content with them, in partnership with this newspaper. Got any ideas for island dishes, cocktails, bartenders, human-interest stories, or other fun stuff we should pitch to them? All ideas welcome - just leave a suggestion in the comment section below.

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Posted by: Pippa Jack | Jul 06, 2011 14:22

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