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Reward offered for missing rings

An engagement and anniversary ring have been lost
By Lars Trodson | Aug 19, 2014
Photo by: Lars Trodson

Maryann and Jack Killoy are shook up and sad.

It was a simple matter of routine during one of their regular day trips to the island. Maryann Killoy took off three rings to put on some sunscreen before heading out for a walk on Monday, Aug. 18. Now two of the rings are missing and the Killoys would very much like them returned. A reward of $1,000 per ring is being offered.

“We were sitting out on the deck chairs, trying to plan our day,” said Jack Killoy. Maryann was wearing a wedding band, an anniversary band and an engagement ring. They were at The 1661 Inn, one of their favorite spots. After an initial search, the wedding band was the only one found.

Later on that same day, on the ferry ride back home, her friend noticed Maryann’s fingers, and the lack of rings. Maryann initially thought — or hoped — that she hadn’t put them on before she left for the island. But when she went to look in the place at home where they’d normally be, they weren’t. “I thought maybe I hadn’t put them on,” she said. As Maryann Killoy told the story, she could barely hold back her tears. The Killoys have been married for 34 years.

“The anniversary band was designed for her,” said Jack Killoy. “They’re not something you can easily replace.” They had returned to Block Island on Tuesday to try to spread the words about the missing rings.

They’ve contacted the Chamber of Commerce and the New Shoreham Police Department. They also said the management of The 1661 Inn has been “great” as they helped search for the missing jewelry.

Anyone with any information on the rings can call the Killoys directly at (401) 742-4423.

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