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Quick Rick's is back, finally!

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Mar 19, 2014
Photo by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. Josh, bringing back Quick Rick's

Quick Rick's on High Street, a Wakefield tradition, is back, and ready to meet its future as the perfect, local, funky, greasy spoon with Dollar Store chic. This is my kind a place; I love a good greasy spoon. Today, I needed 3 New York System wieners all the way—fast. Josh obliged me. They were great!  This new owner has desire and hustle to make this place happen. "I'm doing Fish and Chips 'til 9 on Fridays, and I've got  really good flounder, great stuff," he said. "I'm there," I said.

    I have a thing for plastic red and white check tablecloths. Old school is good when you're slamming down a burger and a Coke while reading day old newsprint. This place ain't precious. As a geezer-in- training, I don't do precious, can't stand precious. Sorry for going Larry David on you, but give me my grub, some peace, and I'm good. My wife and I went to Kip's for dinner on our first date after not seeing each other in forty-two years—her idea. Kip's in Pawtucket, is where we rolled as kids.  It was funky then, and is funky now.(A Gold mine) We got a wiener all the way to split for an appetizer, then we got our cheeseburgers and our Cokes. Perfect!  I had to marry this woman; a keeper. I know, I'm a prince.

     Seeing a young guy hustling to make his biz work makes me feel good—for the guy. Josh has a vision of what he wants, and he's going for it. In Time Magazine today, there's a story about the desire and hustle necessary to design and build 1 World Trade Center. It's done. A "Can Do," mindset prevailed. Josh is a small business guy, who has a "Can Do," mindset; he will prevail, too. Quick Rick's reminds me of a funky little non-hip place on Chapel Street back in '75. It was called the Number 1 Café. I think. It wasn't precious. After docking the Manitou, the gang would walk up there for lunch; same deal: good food for short money, funky art on the walls, and again not precious. While in Wakefield hitting all of your doctor appointments, hit Quick Rick's, live on the edge, go big, and get 3 to go, all the way!


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