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Publisher's Note: thoughtless vandalism

Jan 22, 2013

The installation of benches around the commercial area has provided welcome seating for visitors and residents alike. Pass through downtown on a summer day and you will find all the seats occupied. The program has been embraced by families seeking to memorialize a loved one.

But some months ago someone removed a rail from one of the benches outside the bank. Fortunately the bench program includes an endowment to care for the benches and the rail has been replaced.

Several weeks ago a rail was removed from a bench opposite the National Hotel. That too will be replaced.

Such thoughtless vandalism is unsettling, but the fact that these are memorial benches is especially disturbing. Anyone with information about these incidents should contact the police.

In the meantime, there are opportunities to place additional benches, and donors can be assured that they will be maintained in perpetuity. Interested persons should contact the Chamber of Commerce at 466-2474.

Fraser Lang

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