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Picky Judy’s Picks: Indian prints and tote bags

By Judy Tierney | Jun 30, 2011

I have made many a mainland trip to pick up things I can’t buy on the island, but every so often shops here carry items not to be found easily anywhere else. One of those is Indian print cotton bedspreads.

When I was in college, we covered everything in our cramped rooms with them and even hung them on the walls.  Some sitar music and dim lights, and we felt oh so bohemian.  Years later when my husband and I rented our Block Island house out for a few weeks in the summer, we found they made wonderful inexpensive bedcovers for the renters.

Now I have a different use in mind. This week I visited the Glass Onion and bought two in a green and yellow print to throw over two torn and tired barrel chairs. They were fine chairs, I might add, until our kitten took to sharpening her claws in them instead of on her scratching post, leaving holes with the batting protruding. I think draping the covers will confuse her thoroughly.

While I was in the Glass Onion, owner Mary Phillips brought out a green and white tote bag to show me.  She remembered that I used to buy these huge totes every year, until the manufacturer stopped supplying them.  They are perfect for carrying goods home on the ferry and they make wonderful laundry baskets.

The first time I saw them in the Onion, I noticed their tags boast they hold 100 pounds.  I asked Mary if they really did. She looked me up and down and said, “You’ll never be able to carry 100 pounds anyway.”  Sad to say, I am an under 100 pound weakling when it comes to carrying, but I bought the bags anyhow and let my husband Ron, who can carry way more than, lift them.

Mary and I had a tug of war over the bag this week, because she thought I didn’t want it when I started to say we had replaced the l00 pound bags with others. She tried to take it back, but I wouldn’t let go. The others were never as good, I told her, and I’m not going home without one.

Maybe towards the end of the summer, I’ll go back and buy up whatever is left, because who knows, the manufacturer may discontinue them yet again, and I never want to be without one again.


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Posted by: Judy Tierney | Jul 10, 2011 10:44

A tote bag purchased over three years ago, storing closet hardware in our basement

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