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Out of hibernation

By Joshua Maldonado | Feb 04, 2014

Like Punxatawney Phil, winter residents of New Shoreham get jostled awake every Feb. 2 to show their faces and get counted on for posterity's sake.

Year-rounders can relate to the groundhog. We work all summer to prepare for the cold months ahead. We hibernate during the quiet season, retirees starting as early as October, ending as late as April. Some of us have winter burrows in more temperate climates.

Like the shadowy gamble of Groundhog's Day — Phil saw his shadow adding another six weeks of winter — we can expect a margin of error during the head count as we tally up only those on the island that moment, vacationers included. That doesn't take away from the festivities, of course: daily and yearly residents alike formed the jovial crowd at the Old Island Pub (OIP) on Sunday, location of this long-standing tradition for the second year in a row.

The final count: 931.

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