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Order this... Ribs at Club Soda

Jun 22, 2013
Photo by: Kari Curtis

Club Soda has the honored distinction of being one of few “food places” on Block Island that is open year-round. Its combination bar and restaurant is located on the first floor of the historic Highview Inn up Connecticut Avenue and “off the beaten track.” Co-owner (with Rick Lysik) Max Balmforth agrees, “It’s word-of-mouth that brings people to our place.” Then, in the summer, it’s all the loyals from winter mixed with the summer folks that keep the place hoppin’.

During our visit, Bryan Wilson and Amy Veldman-Wilson turned up “for a date.” Bryan said, “When people ask what we do on Block Island in the wintertime, we say, ‘We go to Club Soda!’” He added, “Club Soda is a local joint and that’s the highest compliment anyone can give.”

One thing that brings people in the door is the ribs. Baby back ribs, marinated and slow-roasted, are fall-off-the-bone good. Max said they’re made with Eddy’s Famous Recipe (that’s Ed Berube) and “people love ‘em.” They’re sweet and tangy, and truly piled on a plate along with home-style cole slaw and fries. Of course, they’re best with a few cold beers. You can sit and eat at the newly refinished bar, or take them home. Just remember to order plenty for everyone.

In addition to the food and drink at Club Soda, it’s the fun that attracts the crowd. Trivia nights, a beach party (loads of sand were hauled in), and karaoke were big over the winter. In the summer, the party just keeps on going. The Silks will be there in mid-July and the summer line-up includes Mexican Night, Open Mic, Euro Dance Party and more — all with special “food deals” each night.

Keep in touch to be sure you don’t miss a thing! — Becky Ballard

Club Soda is located on Connecticut Avenue. Phone is 466-5397.

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