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Open letter to Jeff Grybowski

Apr 15, 2013
Courtesy of: Chris Warfel

Read Deepwater Wind CEO Jeff Grybowski's response here.

I’m afraid that it is you that is wrong with respect to the benefits Block Island will supposedly receive from Deepwater Wind, and not I. You and the other employees of Deepwater Wind continuously confuse and misrepresent the contracts and the way energy is manufactured and sold. It is so pervasive, it can only be deliberate.

One would think that the CEO of a wind development company would not confuse these fundamental details, but then Deepwater is not really about green energy developments. It’s really about greed energy, using wind technology as a mechanism to extract hundreds of millions of dollars from the tax and ratepayers of Rhode Island and National Grid for the benefit of your hedge fund owners. Wind is simply another method that you use.

Here is where you go wrong. Power and energy are mathematically related, but they are not interchangeable. Kilowatts do not equal kilowatt hours. The key difference is the term “hours.” One kilowatt will produce one kilowatt hour only if it operates at one kilowatt for one hour. No power plant in the world runs continuously for all hours possible. That is certainly true for wind.

To paraphrase you, as any sailor knows, the wind does die from time to time. It is also a fact that the probability of the wind being insufficient to generate electricity is greater in the summer than the winter. Also, you cannot store the energy generated in that it exceeds Block Island’s needs and then deliver it when it is needed.

I have not had the time to use sophisticated wind turbine models. But I’ve used a basic model to develop an analysis. (Please see the graphs below.)

The information in the graphs is true, as is that the Block Island Power Company and Deepwater Wind have no power contract to buy Deepwater Wind’s output. Your contract is with the unfortunate customers of National Grid. Your arguments in your letter dated 4/6/2013 are false. I am so sure of this, that if I am wrong and you are right I will offer my resignation to the Town Council effective the day after financial town meeting.

However, if you cannot show a probabilistic power curve from the wind farm with the Block Island Power Company’s seasonal hourly load shape, and a contract that shows BIPCo is buying power from Deepwater at the same price that National Grid must pay, you must do the following:

1) Resign from the Rhode Island Judicial Nominating Commission

2) Provide a written explanation to the newspapers in Rhode Island explaining how Gov. Don Carcieri’s Chief of Staff, the governor who in conjunction with the Rhode Island Legislature rammed this project down the throats of Rhode Islanders, became CEO of this project.

Given your access to the best minds in the country, you have one week to provide this information.

—Christopher Warfel

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Posted by: Ben Riggs | Apr 18, 2013 09:08

Excellent letter, right on the mark. If we are going to have an honest debate on something like this, let's not confuse everyone by deliberately misrepresenting the facts.

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