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Old Wakefield

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Oct 04, 2013
Courtesy of: J.V. Houlihan, Jr. Tasha and her goats

I just got in from an aimless  bike ride around town. After dropping some mail in the box across from Healey's, I rolled onto the bike path. It's a very geezer-casual place at dusk. Heading across Main St. I decided to live on the edge and get off the paved path, and roll on the more challenging sidewalks of High Street.  Weaving along the sidewalk dodging branches kept me on high geezer alert; it's a jungle out there.

     It was a ride down memory lane as I passed Giro's, Patsy's Liquor Store, and Farmer's Garage. Next, I headed past the Johnny Cake Center and back onto the bike path; quite a relaxing outing I must add. Peddling back to Main St. I was squinting into the meandering path, when suddenly I saw a small herd of goats crossing said path. The goats were defoliating the small trees on the side of the path next to the cemetery. They were some hungry goats! Tasha, the herder, pointed down the side of the bike path, and said, "See how they leveled off that stuff." These goats did a perfectly natural landscaping job. It was pretty amusing running into this herd.

     Needless to say, Old Wakefield is a place you can really get your geez-on with your bike. The path is great, but tearing around the different neighborhoods takes your riding to a new level off game. In addition to meeting Tasha and her goats(there were about 9 of them), a former student came tearing up to me on his three wheeler. "Hey, Mr. Houlihan, what's happening!" More about this guy in my next blog...



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