The Block Island Times

Offshore Property
Contact: Susan Black
PO Box 1210
Block island, RI 02807
Phone: 401-466-5446
Hours: Daily

Welcome to Offshore Property Limited and Block Island, located 14 miles off the Rhode Island coast with miles of hiking trails and surrounded by sparkling water, sandy beaches, and ocean breezes. Leave your cares and worries on the mainland and enjoy the mystique of an island vacation.


Famous for what we don't have - McDonald's, strip malls, jet airplanes, etc. Famous for what we do - spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


Take your flask of coffee and walk over a deserted beach and watch the sunrise or hike for a day over Greenway trails, watching birds and coming upon vistas of fresh water ponds with the sea beyond. And at the end of the day, don't forget the moonlight and black velvet skies with millions of stars by night.

Off season rental available now until July 15th.

Charming 3 bedroom for $1900 a month. Call us for details. 401-466-5446
Great Off Season Rental Available

September 15-July 15 Elegant 3 bedroom home for $1900 a month. Contact us for details. 401-466-5446