The Block Island Times

Ocean Views

By Kim Gaffett
Kim Gaffett, a life-long resident of Block Island, is the Director of the Ocean View Foundation, a non-profit environmental education organization on Block Island.

The Ocean Views columns  focus monthly on some part of the Island’s natural history: sometimes animal, sometimes mineral, sometimes vegetable. But always connected to the overarching principles of ecosystem networks; and on occasion myths, fables and parables may be used as the spider webbing that connects the incredible and fantastic to the understandable and admired.

The aim is to entertain, educate and delight by drawing your attention to the wonders of nature and thus facilitating the connection between people and nature. Often these pieces will mix observation with musings and they will always invite the reader to notice the beauty of the simplest forms, while encouraging the revelation that often there is stunning beauty in the every day views.

At the end of each column the reader will find a listing of that month's Ocean View Foundation program offerings.

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