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New Paintings by Jerry Powers  - July 28th through August 10th -  Spring Street Gallery

By Spring Street Gallery | Jul 26, 2013

Jerry Powers has spent a lot of time this year visiting with his children and grandchildren in New York, Block Island and Florida. This experience and the vagaries of his artist’s imagination have generated a couple of large figurative paintings, along with island images and a couple of paintings of Tampa Bay.

The vertical canvas shown here is one of his favorites, Ladies & Gentlemen at Andy’s Way.  In it, the children’s clothing dates the picture just as surely as did the old ‘“bathing costumes” in Block Island snapshots from a hundred years ago.  What hasn’t changed in that time is the interest of kids (and grownups) in observing things that swim, crawl and dig on the clam flats.

The other painting shown is from Powers’ neighborhood, on the unnamed dirt lane that runs from Black Rock to Snake Hole.  He says, “I was struck by how the dramatic shapes of the road and trees contrast with the weave of colors and textures in the unmown grass.  Working on the spot, I used a lot of fast-drying medium to paint the grass, and I’m happy with the way that it produced just the right mix of detail and flatness in the largest area of the canvas.”

Other Block Island images include a foggy scene of birds and a fly fisherman at the channel, boats on race week strung out along the southwest shore, and three other paintings from the neighborhood around Black Rock. 

Finally, there is one nonobjective piece.  Begun two years ago, it came together this winter, a result of Powers’ continuing preoccupation with new materials, structures, organization and chance.

The opening reception will be from 5 - 7 on Sunday, July 28th.

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