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New biz: Get The Funk Out

New dry-cleaning service comes to the island
By Lars Trodson | Feb 03, 2014
Source: Courtesy photo You’ll see the “Get The Funk Out” van around town, picking up and delivering.

Joe Turcone wants the people on Block Island to get the funk out, and he wants to make it easy for you.

Turcone is co-owner (with Scott Waterman) of the new island-based dry cleaning business, Get the Funk Out, which officially opened on Feb. 1.

“My background is in sales; I’ve been a sales guy for the past 20 years, but about two years ago we had an opportunity to buy the laundry on the campus of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston,” Turcone said. They renamed the laundry “Get The Funk Out.” “That was in the inception,” he said. That laundry supplies services for the 12,000 students at the school.

“We wanted a name that attracted attention and we wanted to put a concept behind the laundry service industry,” he said. “Here’s what I mean: We don’t use the word laundromat. They have an image that’s dirty. We’ve rebuilt the business completely and we now have the cleanest, most professional laundry center in Rhode Island.”

For the residential customers, they’ll have a pick-up and delivery service. “We offer unlimited laundry packages, with one monthly charge, for as much as our clients can get into a 50-pound bag,” said Turcone. “We’ll be there [Block Island] once a week.”

Get The Funk Out will also come to your business. “What we do is go to your work, set up a space and all your employees can bring their dry cleaning to work. People love it,” said Turcone.

Turcone said the company has a pickup van on the island now — it’s easily seen by its wrap-around logo. “We’ll be working all year long picking up laundry at residences, hotels, restaurants, inns,” he said. The laundry will be taken off-island, cleaned, and returned.

One more thing, Turcone said that Get The Funk Out will pick up the cost of the freight charge on the ferry.

He also said that when people call the business, they won’t get a recording, they’ll talk directly to Turcone. “You get to deal directly with the owner. All my customers get my cell phone,” he said. “If it’s good, bad or indifferent, I get the call. That’s a big thing I pride myself on.”

For more information, call Joe Turcone at (401) 255-8575.

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