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My name is Sailor

By J.V. Houlihan, Jr. | Dec 06, 2012

My name is Sailor and I’m a lucky dog. I was a companion for a man named Mully for seven years. He was not doing well. A lady came to help Mully for months. She cared for him along with other people. Our house was very busy near the end. I knew Mully was going somewhere; dogs know these things. The lady stayed and cared for Mully right to the end.

I was so sad, but the lady was very nice and she was funny. After Mully was gone, there were many people in Mully’s house and things were confusing and sad. Then, the nice lady took me home with her.

She had a Scotty named Mac, and Mac knew that I was sad.

We went to a place where there were boats, and a nice human came to me and smiled and played with my ears; he liked me, I could tell. My new humans and my brother Mac the Scotty were my new family. They took me to my new home. I knew Mully would be happy for me, because he knew I loved to play, but I would never leave his side, because I’m a loyal Cockapoo, and Mully needed me. But, now I was free to run and play with Mac.

My new humans are nice, somewhat goofy, but lovable. Mac, my new brother, is so cool and tough. I’m kind of goofy with my floppy ears (my humans need to clean them every day) and long legs. Mac knows how to chase a squirrel up a tree; he’s teaching me. I growl at the mailman with Mac every day, and boy, do we howl. I guess howling at the mailman is just a dog thing, it has no point really, but it’s fun. Mac is 10, so he’s older than me. We have fun walking the beach with our human mom. She loves long walks on the beach. Once Mac was so tired mom had to carry him (you know, Scotties have small legs). Our dad always takes us to the coffee shop and we get treats, then we go running at the lighthouse. I bark at everything; don’t know why, I just do. Mac is very quiet. He is tough, too. I’m glad he’s my brother now. He’s teaching me how to be cute and patient in order to get treats.

When turkey time of the year was here, Mac gave pointers: sitting perfectly still watching mom cooking, looking straight at the stove, making no noise. He gets treats without even trying.

My name is Sailor, but I do not like the sailboat that much. Mac likes sailing, because he knows our human dad will get us good treats, and maybe sing or talk to himself while we take naps in the cabin. You should see Mac walk all around the sailboat, fearlessly. I plan on taking more daring and bold risks too.

Thanksgiving has passed and I’m still thankful to have my new family. There are a couple of things I especially like. One is that my human dad likes to get on the floor and wrestle with me and Mac — we pretend to bite him and growl, but we won’t hurt him, he’s old. And my human mom is always doing a goofy dance. I can learn some things from her.

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Posted by: J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Dec 22, 2012 17:24
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