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My idea of a Kindle

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Dec 23, 2012
Courtesy of: Cindy McDonald-Houlihan

My idea of a Kindle, is the picture you are looking at now. If you've read my previous posts regarding these Kindles, Nooks et al, you can see that I've labored over this decision. Bottom line, I just like books. Sitting in my study staring at the bookshelves, is a favorite pastime. Browsing my titles soothes my soul; same deal on our sailboat, where I have a fair assortment and selection, of torn and tattered books.

   If I get jammed up with jangled nerves for whatever reason, scanning the shelves slows my heart rate to a slow crawl. There are also pictures, my guitar, plate portraits of Mac and Sailor painted by a former student, and other artifacts that may spur some motivation to write something. I even have two big, full piggy banks which will help defray the costs of a new book.

   Books find me, and some of my books find other people through me. I become the nexus. Recently, my wife was heading off to practice her lacemaking habit in Brugge. Cindy Lasser called me from Island Bound, and said she found a book that she thought my Cindy would like. It was entitled The Ruins of Lace, by Iris Anthony. The story is set in the 1600's. Cindy came home from Brugge, read the book and loved it. Point is, I'd never think of a book like that, but I told Cindy Lasser that Cindy was on a lacemaking jag, and bango Django, the connection was made(remember the nexus thing?).

   A few weeks ago, a guy I know was heading over to the island. This guy knows Ed McGovern, and I asked him to give him this book The Kings of Cool, by Don Winslow, who grew up in Perryville R I. I just knew Eddy would love this book, and he did. I saw him at the docks on Tuesday, and he thanked me for sending it over to him. He also said he's reading the sequel Savages, now a motion picture. See, the book found Ed; the nexus thing again.

   At the Interstate Navigation christmas party this year, I got talking to Thom Burney, the freight guy on B I. Tom's a gadget guy, adept with computers, iPhones, shopping on-line and so on. I was stunned when Thom was telling me that he'd rather read a book than read from a Kindle. "Oh yeah Joey, I like the feel of the paper and smell of the book. I like holding it." Now hearing this from a guy like Thom got me to thinking that maybe this techie trend is changing a little; he is a guy I had pegged as a Kindle guy.

   Finally, my wife's idea of a Kindle, is stacks and stacks and stacks of books on the sides of and under the bed. Perhaps, there is some pathology lurking here. I get a mental hernia looking at her idea of a Kindle. Cindy gets deals on books on ebay, burns through them, and they end up on the floor. Our poor Scotty, Mac, barely has room to  hide from his wacky brother Sailor. Ya know, maybe me writing this insightful paragraph will act as a nexus for my wife to purchase a Kindle. Stranger things have happened at casa Houlihan.

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