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"Mr. Houlihan, are you ready to push the  button and publish?" "Yes Pat, damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead."

By J. V. Houlihan, Jr. | Jan 24, 2013

It is no secret that I'm a G I T, aka, a Geezer-In-Training. I wear my 63 years on this planet like a loose suit. Whatever seems to work, I'll roll with it. I write, I talk, and write and talk; there is a pattern here I guess, I love books also.

   My boyo Martin Donovan, with his benign countenance, and benevolent way, is the "Prince of Puns" in Point Judith. His puns will dazzle you, but you must wait as patiently as a possum to catch one of these precious pearls of perceptive punnyness.

   This story is not about Martin's pearly puns and geezers, and Martin's benevolent ways; however, this is about Kindles. Martin won a Kindle at the ferry Christmas party last year and I was jealous. But, ever the gentleman that I am, I surpressed my angst with Bess Eaton Coffee and plain doughnuts. Til one day, I decided to download my books on to a Kindle format.

   Well, I really didn't do it, a former student Pat did all of my tech stuff. Pat was a favorite literature and theatre beast in my classes; now he is mentoring his old teacherman into the future of digital opportunity. After doing all the tech protocols, Pat said, "Mr. H, are you ready to push the button and publish?" The above title says the rest.

   My other motivation, was that my boyo Martin the "Heathen" Donovan, would not go down to sunny Florida with beautiful Canna, and  have  to carry lots of books. So now he can have along with War and Peace, Dante's Inferno, The Monkey's Fist and Sheds on his Kindle, while he is inbibing in his favorite Celtic drink, An Irish Car Bomb, whilst he expounds upon, absorbs and  immerses himself, and  understands the fine engineering as well as the function of the Monkey's Fist, or he explores the existential meaning of having a Shed, or Shed-ness (to be Aristotilian about it). He will, most assuredly come back from Florida with many questions of said books. He will also be passing out my business cods to anyone who will take them. In a way, he'll be doing some great PR for Block Island; he's soooooo charming as all the ladies know. He'll need lots of cods to hand out and charm; it's his ticket for a cheap flirt and a quick sale of  my books. ( I told Martin, no Speedos when repping the books by the pool; after all, we are Celts and have morals and must comport ourselves with a modicum of civility).

   So kiddies, go to or simply go to e-books, punch in J.V. Houlihan, Jr. Sheds, or The Monkey's Fist and please buy this Bardic Heartbeat's book. I'm selling them for short money and Martin may even let you get your car on the boat last, and hey, I might even sign my buisness cod for you, which may be a collector's item when I win my first Pulitzer. Just think what my buisness cods would be worth if Oprah wanted to have me on her show, so she could tell me about her Shed.

To Be Continued:

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