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Mother's Day

By Kari Curtis | May 06, 2011

I feel so lucky to have two boys who love me dearly. I feel so lucky that they are healthy and smart. I feel so lucky that they are fun-loving, fun and funny. I feel so lucky that I have had the opportunity to be a mom, THEIR mom, and lead them along the beginning path of life. I feel so lucky that I have spent several Mother's Days awaking to two boys climbing into my bed to say "Happy Mother's Day Mommy!" before I even had one eye open. I feel so lucky to have had numerous cards, hand-made of course, drawn for me, made for me...expressing love and gratitude form the little hearts within, homemade ones..potholders, flower vases, calendars, picture frames with their photos inside...I feel so lucky.

Even now, as the days of the little guys have turned into something different (the big guys) I still feel the love.

It may not be in them climbing into my bed anymore, or wanting to give me a back rub or foot rub, or making me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day....

It may not be in the cute hand-made gifts or cards, or in the thousands of hugs and kisses mothers seem to get extra of on Mother's Day....

But it IS in the gratitude they express when they say "Thanks, mom.... for being my mom."

It's just as simple as that.




Words of Life

–by William Martin


You can speak to your children of life,

but your words are not life itself.

You can show them what you see,

but your showing and their seeing

are forever different things.


You cannot speak to them of Divinity Itself.

But you can share with them

the millions of manifestations of this Reality

arrayed before them every moment.

Since these manifestations have their origin

in the Tao,

the visible will reveal the invisible to them.


Don’t mistake your desire to talk for their

readiness to listen.

Far more important are the wordless truths they

learn from you.

If you take delight in the ordinary wonders of life,

they will feel the depth of your pleasure

and learn to experience joy.

If you walk with them in the darkness of life’s mysteries,

you will open the gate of understanding.

They will learn to see in the darkness

and not be afraid.


Go for a slow and mindful walk.

Show them every little thing that catches your eye.

Notice every little thing that catches theirs.

Don’t look for great lessons or seek to teach great things.

Just notice.

The lesson will teach itself.

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